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By GotDesign
This morning while walking on my treadmill, I watched Fox and Friends on FoxNews. There were two subjects that came up this morning that really caught my attention.

Boxer Rebellion
California Senator Barbara Boxer's lunacy continues. Now Senator Boxer is saying that Secretary of State-Designate Condi Rice actually attacked her, not the other way around. Now I may be a little slow some mornings, but I do believe that when Sen. Boxer opened her line of questioning last week, she began with statements to the effect that Condi Rice is a liar. Most of the pundits I have heard from have agreed on this. Boxer went to personal attacks early. But now the Senator is saying that Condi's responses were an attack on her and that Boxer's questions were not an attack on Rice. Okay, maybe Boxer is a little slow in the mornings too. And most other times too, come to think of it.

UPDATE: Here is a Washington Times piece on the story.

Hugh Hewitt was interviewed on Fox & Friends this morning about his new book, Blog. But Hugh's spot was much too short. He was only on for one segment of about 3-5 minutes. It seemed less. But Hugh talked about the growth of the blogosphere and how it is more responsible in its fact checking than the MSM. It was a good spot. He gave several good plugs for some of the giants of the blogosphere -- PowerLine, Belmont Club, Instapundit, and Mudville Gazette (let me know if I missed any). Evidently, Hugh was also on CNN for an interview. I can't bring myself to watch CNN much any more. Let me know what you thought of Hugh's interviews if you were able to catch them.

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