Road Flavor

By GotDesign
While I was away visiting the Fetching Mrs. GotDesign's parents in lovely, scenic Lubbock, TX, my wife and I took a another small trip outside of Lubbock to Levelland (about a 30 min. drive West) to visit my wife's twin sister and her husband. For lunch, the four of us visited a very fun restaurant -- the Mean Woman Grill. The MWG is former gas station that was converted into a roadside restaurant. It has plenty of atmosphere. Concert posters and bits of Texas on the walls and blues playing over the sound system (they had Buddy Guy's Damn Right, I've Got the Blues playing). We had an enjoyable lunch and my wife picked an irresistible new t-shirt. Much fun was had by all.

Overall, our trip to Lubbock was relaxing. It was good to get away from Louisville and just have some downtime. Now I have to get back to my MBA studies (my last semester) and some serious blogging.

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