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By GotDesign
Taking a moment to register some commentary on some news stories that have caught my eye.

Tsunami vs. Sudan
I'm currently listening to the Dennis Prager Show (streaming version). Dennis is discussing how the MSM is paying so much attention to the Asian Tsunami crisis while practically ignoring the genocide in Sudan. It is understandable that the Tsunami victims would get news coverage, but why hasn't there been greater news coverage of the ongoing genocide in Sudan where more than million black Christians have been slaughtered or driven from their homes by the Muslim government?

Black Women Fight Back
An article in the New York Daily News about the growing revolt by black women against the slutty image they are given by hip hop "artists" in lyrics and music videos. Essence, the leading magazine for black women, is leading a charge to get the hip hop industry to change the image of black women in their music and videos. A large majority of women depicted in hip hop videos are scantly clad or wrapped in skin-tight outfits to portray women as the sexual trophies of the hip hop "artists" in question. Essence is the first prominent member of the black community to stand up against this degradation of black culture. Currently, a shocking proportion of black men are caught up in the myth of the hip hop/thug lifestyle, in which women are disposable conquests and families and children are unimportant. I, for one, am glad to see that Essence is stepping up and fighting the culture that is dragging the black community into the mud. Once this culture of power and degradation is destroyed, maybe the black community will rise up and tackle the poverty (both economic and moral) in their midst.

Cleaning Up the UN
A New York Times article tells of a secret meeting aimed at rescuing the U.N. and Secretary General Kofi Annan. Let it die! Please? I mean, really. The organization is so corrupt and has become a den of anti-Semitism. Just let it die.


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