Yet Another Reason...

By GotDesign
...Why I think we (the U.S.) should withdraw from the United Nations. The Diplomad posts a short piece about the extent of corruption of U.N. operations in one portion of Africa:
UNIDO's office was run by a former Minister of Industry from another West African country. This man was known in his home country as "Mr. Ten Percent," which was roughly the amount of his personal kickback from any contract he awarded. On Mr. Ten Percent's UNIDO staff was a young, idealistic European career UN worker, thinking she would help the poor in a needy country during this particular assignment. But Mr. Ten Percent had other ideas. The UN system had taught him that for someone from his continent, international affirmative action had no limits. He insisted that she have sex with him as part of the regular work routine. She refused. He proceeded to wreck her UN career, and then as a reward, was promoted to a very senior position at UNIDO headquarters in Vienna. It's possible that he's still there, earning big bucks.
If this is representative, and from what I've heard it is, then how can the United States continue to participate in the U.N. and keep itself above the morass of corruption? At some point, Americans work in and/or for the U.N. would end up adopting what have become standard practices -- corruption, kickbacks, sexual harassment, fraud, extortion, embezzlement, and the like. Let's withdraw and allow the U.N. to die from its own weight and corruption.


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