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OK, I'm a little behind the times on this, but I couldn't let it pass without commentary. Senator John F. Kerry commented on Monday, January 31st, that Iraq's election will be an:
utter failure for George W. Bush if the U.S. cannot find a way to give al Qaeda and other disenfranchised so-called 'terror' groups a voice in Iraq's new government.
I couldn't believe this. Al Qaeda... disenfranchised? An al Qaeda "voice" in the Iraqi government? First off, terrorist organizations (like al Qaeda) want total control of nations, not just "a voice." The terrorists currently fighting the Iraqi people and Coalition troops aren't fighting for inclusion in the interim Iraqi Assembly. They're fighting because they are opposing America and "the evils of democracy." From another point of view, the terrorists are unlikely to have grounds for a voice in the new Iraqi government. Usually citizenship is a prerequisite for political participation in any government. As the leadership of al Qaeda are mostly Saudi (and its ranks are filled from many nations), they have no standing to legitimately participate in Iraq's political processes.

What was Sen. Kerry thinking? Or, as seems more likely the case, was he thinking at all?

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