Taken For A Ride

By GotDesign
OK, you got me. It doesn't happen often, but a few times recently I've been taken for a ride. One of my regular readers has just informed me of the fact that Scrappleface.com is a parody site. That is, they manufacture news stories that parody actual events. For instance, my post from yesterday about a judge declaring heterosexual marriage unconstitutional -- that was a parody. So, as I am typing, I'm also trying to clean the egg off my face.

But this only goes to underscore what is truly going on in American society. If I can be fooled by a piece trashing heterosexual marriage as unconstitutional, it is not far from what is actually happening in the courts these days. So many ludicrous actions and statement are coming from the Left and the MSM that it is getting more and more difficult to sniff out false stories.

I appologize for allowing my gullibility to mislead everyone. I will do my best to research such stories in the future.

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