Judicial Tyranny

By GotDesign
UPDATE: Well, I was taken in. My source for this piece was ScrappleFace which, I have recently learned, is a parody/satire site. Please accept my humble apology. It was so close to something I would expect from the Left that I didn't catch on.

"Homosexual marriage rests on the bedrock of judicial opinion," wrote Justice Doris Ling-Cohan, "But heterosexual marriage finds justification in little more than religious myth, antiquated tradition and a few unconstitutional state and local laws. These are all hollow arguments when compared with the firm foundation provided by a growing number of judges."
Here is yet another vision of what the future holds without the people of the United States calling for judicial reform. A New York State judge declared heterosexual marriage to be unconstitutional. As shown above, the judge says that because heterosexual marriage has religious roots, it is not justified under law and, because homosexual unions have been decreed by courts, they have more legitimate standing under law. The fact of the matter is that marriage is a civil institution and is recognized by governments as such. I am not married because I stood before a minister and said, "I do." I am married because I and my wife signed a piece of paper -- a marriage license -- that was also signed by an official of the courts ( a minister or justice of the peace) and affirmed by witnesses. The religious ceremony that took place on June 29th, 2002, was merely my wife's and my own expression of our vows of marriage before God and our invited guests. Had my wife and I gone to a justice of the peace, our marriage would have been equally valid before the law. Therefore, in American society, marriage is a civil institution that is often accompanied by a religious celebration.

This is getting ridiculous (or already has). Judges who have no mandate from the people are creating law not upholding it. Until such time as there is a reform of judicial, judges will continue to legislate their own social and political agendas. So far, the people of the United States will lose the ability to govern themselves. I think it is time to begin calling for judicial reform.

I'll probably be writing more on this issue. But, until then, I'd like to hear from you.

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