North Korea's (No) Surprise

By GotDesign
Well, there have been some of us who have strongly believed that North Korea has Nukes. Now, it has been confirmed. For many years, NK has had an inferiority complex and felt a nuclear weapons arsenal would help compensate. Now they have nukes. While I'm not sure they would use them against South Korea, I am sure they will begin selling them to other organizations in the world. NK has long been a trade partner with Middle Eastern states including Iran. It was recently announced that nuclear materials given up by Libya were purchased from NK. I think we will find (if our Intelligence Community is on its toes) that NK will sell either nuclear materials or an actual nuclear device. Since Iran is extremely close to having its own nuclear device -- having recently tested nuclear trigger devices -- an Iranian nuclear device may not be far off.

The question now is, what do we do about it? I think we need to convince NK it has no need to maintain a nuclear arsenal. But NK is notoriously pigheaded about such things. If it had not been for the weak-kneed efforts (or lack thereof) of Presidents Clinton and Carter, we might have held off North Korea's drive for nukes. The 1994 nuclear talks have left President Bush in a very tough spot. How do you get a nation like NK to give up nukes once they have them? What happens if NK uses a nuke?

Thanks a lot, Bill. Thanks a lot, Jimmy.

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