More Hypocrisy

By GotDesign
I was just over at the Drudge Report and saw this article about Democratic Congressmen who said they thought efforts by Conservatives to get more conservative programming on PBS "may violate federal law." But I remember that several times during the most recent election campaign Democrats and Liberals were constantly complaining that they did not have enough of a voice on Talk Radio. There have even been discussions of reinstating the Fairness Doctrine (which required "equal time" for any political view) which was done away with during the Reagan Administration.

Liberals have even gone so far as coral investors and create a liberal radio talk show network -- Air America. Well, Air America has been a dismal failure. No one is listening. With Air America you end up with people broadcasting a skit in which they plan to kill the President (they are currently being investigated by the Secret Service).

The true reason for these statements about the supposed illegality of adding Conservative content to PBS is that Liberals are frustrated by the public's acceptance of the conservative message. Democrats are furious that the people don't seem to care about what they have to say. Well, if they had something worthwhile to say, maybe the people would listen.


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