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By GotDesign
I saw this over at Bill Bennet's site and thought it really hit the spot:
"I don't need high society cocktail parties to make me feel important. Give me a stack of records, a bucket of chicken wings, a bottle of Chardonnay and a handful of good friends. That's my idea of a party, and that's what makes me feel good. Bringing together those close to me is what melts my butter.

"I'd like to see more simple pleasures, more family gatherings, more gardens, chickens in the backyard once more. That's my idea of realism. So is the respect of our elders, being a gentleman and an honest person. I also think we should bow down once a day and thank the Lord for what He has given us and ask Him to lead us in the proper direction. All these things make me feel good."
--Willie Stargell


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