So This is Tolerance?

By GotDesign
Ann Coulter just finished up a speech at the University of Texas. But the Liberals on campus did their best to break it up. From early on, "protestors" booed, heckled and shouted at Ms. Coulter and generally tried to make it difficult for her to speak. During a question and answer session, Ms. Coulter made statements about the sanctity of marriage and the one man, one woman definition of marriage. At which point a man approached the microphone and asked how Ms. Coulter felt about a marriage where the husband "does nothing but [sodomize] his wife up the [you know where]. Needless to say, the protestor's terminology was less circumspect and much more offensive. The protestor was immediately arrested by UT police and remove from the venue. Protestors responded by chanting "let him go."

Tolerance (from
2 : sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one's own

I have yet to discern any "sympathy or indulgence" in the actions of Liberals concerning their hatred of conservative/Judeo-Christian values.

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