Calling It As She Sees It

By GotDesign
I had the distinct honor of listening to a guest speaker yesterday in my "Sunday School" (or as it is more modernly called, my "ABF") class. Jewel Graham is a graduating senior at Butler University in Indianapolis, IN. Last year, Jewel wrote an opinion piece for DawgNet News (Butler's student newspaper), where she was an intern opinion article writer, in which she described the blatant bias in modern entertainment media towards promoting and encouraging the homosexual lifestyle and social agenda. The piece was entitled, "Blatant Homosexuality Pervades Media."

Since that time, Jewel has faced continual harassment both at her internship, in her position as an RA at Butler, and on campus. Jewel found out the hard way that "freedom of speech" is not protected at a private university like Butler. Butler had intended to expel Jewel and fire her from her internship at DawgNet, but for the quick action of her father and Dr. Albert Mohler. Dr. Mohler heard about Jewel's situation and quickly called in the American Center for Law & Justice -- a group of lawyers who specialize in constitutional law and work to protect our religious freedoms. The ACLJ quickly established that to expel Jewel would be a form of religious discrimination. Jewel's position at DawgNet was protected by the fact that Jewel had a signed contract guaranteeing her position .

Jewel spent all of 2004, and to the current day, being bashed for her faith. After hearing Jewel's story yesterday, I can say that she definitely stands among the future leaders of the faith. She has stood her ground and maintained the convictions of her beliefs. Go give her blog -- JewelsGems -- a look-see. Send her your congratulations, well-wishes and encouragement.


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