Gloved Wonder Not Guilty

By GotDesign
Now, I won't give in to the hype of the Michael Jackson trial. You've probably already heard of the Not Guilty verdict rendered yesterday. I will only make the following comments.

1. Michael put himself into this position (being suspected of child abuse) by failing to get on with his life. While the so-called "King of Pop" may have had a very tough childhood, trying to make up for it by surrounding yourself with children is ludicrous. Regardless of the verdict given yesterday (and in the past), Jackson has put himself in this position -- guilty or not.

2. We will now see one of two things. Jackson will either return to his previous ways -- trying to recreate a childhood by surrounding himself with children, or he will distance himself from this practice. People often find it difficult to change the habits developed over time (for Jackson, since the 1980s). I think we will see Jackson in the courtroom again.

3. I also think we might see another album from Michael Jackson. One thing brought out by this trial (and a little before) is that Jackson is hovering on bankruptcy. But will people flock to stores to buy another MJ album?

Michael, get a life! Be a man! Not a freak seeking a second chance at childhood. Grow up and you'll stop being a walking "traffic accident" at which people will rubberneck.

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