Ugly Americans

By GotDesign
Lately, I've been thinking. That alone should cause concern. But I look at the caustic remarks spouted by Howard Dean and fellow Democrats about Republicans and conservatives and it occurs to me that they are merely lashing out. Why are they lashing out? Because they no longer control the reins of power.

A constant talking point for the Democrats is that Republicans and conservatives are stirring up divisiveness and strong partisanship. When is it that we see the most divisive, partisan politics? Although, I have done no conclusive research on the subject, I think I can see a pattern. It seems to me that Democrats proclaim the divisiveness of Republicans when they are no the majority party. You'll notice that this rhetoric has increased since the Republicans gained control of the Senate in addition to their majority status in the House of Representatives (gained in 1994).

If I am correct in this general assertion, it would seem that the Democrats care more about being in power than dealing with substantive issues. I don't remember the current level of vitriol being regurgitated by the Democrats when they controlled both houses of Congress. Democrats are lashing out because they don't know who they are anymore and so they fear that they are not being heard. Like the stereotypical "ugly Americans" travelling the world, the Democrats feel that they will be understood simply by speaking louder and slower.

So, Democrats are trying to define themselves in terms of being the opposed to conservatives. If I say that I am "not Hispanic" or "not Secular," does that actual tell you what I am? No! It only tells you what I am not. When democrats discover who they are, not who they aren't, they may have an opportunity to be an ideological movement worthy of consideration.


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