Group Hug!

By GotDesign
I just had to blog this. I was over at Drudge checking the latest headlines and found this piece about Cindy Sheehan's liberal "group hug." Actor Martin Sheen has gone to Crawford to meet with Mrs. Sheehan. The headline is "Fictional President Meets With Cindy Sheehan."

Yeay! We're liberals! We hate George Bush! Look at us!

This act, and that's all that Mrs. Sheehan is doing -- acting, is now officially a sham. The blogosphere has made it rather plain that the death of Mrs. Sheehan's son in Iraq has nothing to do with showboating outside the President's ranch. Don't get me wrong, I honor the sacrifice that was made by Mrs. Sheehan's son. However, she is using her son to give her credibility she would not have otherwise. And now that Mr. Sheen has joined the party, any iota of respectability or credibility is now frittered away.

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