Wakie, Wakie....

By GotDesign
...Eggs 'n bacie (as my wife has gotten me in the habbit of saying). You would think that, having just completed my Master's degree (an MBA to be exact), I would have a lot more time on my hands during which I could do more blogging. Well, that's what you get for thinking!

Most of my time lately has been taken up in trying to get my condo sold. Mission accomplished! I have a contract on my condo and have begun the frantic work of trying to find a house to buy and move into. I will be closing on my condo at the end of September -- that's right, one month to find a house. But tonight my wife and I will be going with our realtor to look at several houses. Hopefully, we will find something quickly and the owner will agree to a quick closing. So, if you're the praying kind, please send up a few for me.

I have also occupied myself with coaching a youth soccer team. That's right, I'm coaching a group of 10 & 11 yr-olds in soccer. They're making progress. I'm trying to inculcate the importance of ball control and quality passing. They still tending to bunch up on the field, but they are beginning to learn. This is my first-ever attempt at coaching so, we'll see how it goes.

I'm also working on blogging more. So, check back and track my progress.

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