Approaching One Year

By GotDesign
I started blogging almost one year ago -- Friday, September 24, 2004. And for some reason, it was an instant hit. Before that first weekend was over, Hugh Hewitt had chosen it as his Blog of the Month for October '04 -- a true honor.

If you've been watching GotDesign, you'll know that one of my trademarks has been a veritable plethora of site designs. I've changed my site design whenever the whim struck me. And, to tell the truth, I think Hugh chose my site as BoM due an early site design that didn't actually last long. However, I have decided to stop the practice of frequent redesigns. But that does not mean that you won't see different visual styles on GotDesign in the future.

In celebration of my One Year anniversary, I will be posting my last major site redesign. HTML has never been one of my strong suits, so I will make one last major template redesign and then I will only be changing the header graphic and accent colors. In this way I can continue to be graphically innovative, but won't have to wrack my brain to get the coding correct. I'll be using a variety of header graphics and may add some Shockwave animations to give the visual impact you're used to at GotDesign.

In marketing and advertising, you have to be distinctive. So many blogs are lost in the background clutter of noise. There are so many blogs out there that are blogging on everyday politics and news stories. And while I know that I have my own thoughts to add to the blogospheric discussions, I'd rather retain my unique identity and not become another wavelength in the background hum. This is why I have not been as prolific as a Hugh Hewitt, PowerLine or InstaPundit. What you would see from me would closely match these cornerstones of the blogosphere. So I will be blogging about the overlooked and adding my voice where it differs from the crowd or adds a different perspective. In a sense, this is my rebellion against conformity. I hope you will appreciate my desire to be something other than another bleating sheep. Please let me know.

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