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Do you want to know why I'm a classic Republican? It's because I believe that the Republican party stands for a pragmatic approach to the issues of the day. We Republicans don't just throw money -- although recent congressional behavior has me concerned. We seek solutions that are all about the people taking their civic responsibilities just as seriously as their civic liberties. And, we classic Republicans, moderate our rhetoric and focus it on issues and not on vitriol.

Recently I have been concerned about how Democrat ex-presidents have broken with tradition and publicly malign a sitting President. For years now, former president Jimmy Carter has blasted President Bush over anything that the MSM has brought up as an issue. But, I think that president Carter has only been serving as lackey of the Democrat movers and shakers. But recently, former president Bill Clinton has also taken up the role of party hack. While at a recent symposium at Hofstra University devoted to the consideration of the legacy of the 42nd President of the United States (which I think is too soon to be historicly informative), former president Clinton joined the fray. As the Washington Post's John Harris says in his article, Clinton started off by saying that we would not be commenting on President Bush but, true to form, he did take shots at the President's foreign policy.

Clinton also commented that he felt that his impeachment by Congress was "an egregious abuse of the Constitution" and "challenged those who say history will judge him poorly because of his White House tryst with Monica Lewinsky." But, one should remember that president Clinton's impeachment was not directly about Lewinsky, but was directly about his lying before a grand jury. As we have recently seen (vis-a-vis Scooter Libby) purgery is -- and should be -- taken very seriously. And while I think that the so-called Plame-CIA leak is a trumped up partisan attack, if Libby did lie under oath, he should be prosecuted.

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