European Civil War

By GotDesign
Those of you who watch world events have, by now, heard of the rioting in France (despite the MSM's attempts to downplay it or ignore it). Over the past week, Muslims have begun rioting -- over 1,500 cars have been set ablaze in France. The French Interior Minister claims this brings the total number of immolated cars to over 9,000 since t he beginning of the year. I have also just heard that similar riots are beginning in Belgium, Denmark, German and Holland. I believe these to be the first shots fired in the inevitable European Civil War.

As with our own Civil War, these riots have been long expected by those who have their eyes open. In the U.S., we had decades of discussions and debates over the institution of slavery. But the precursors of the impending European Civil War have not been as vocal. The French in particular have gone out of their way to not require Muslim emigrants to assimilate into French society and culture. This is partially due to arrogance about French culture (which Muslims would dilute), and it is also partly due to France's moral relativism. While it is OK in France to bash Israel and French Jews, it is intolerable that they would criticize Islam or its adherents.

I intend to keep a close eye on the state of Europe and how it deals with its Muslim problem. I'll be posting more on this as events unfold.

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