Breath of Fresh Air

By GotDesign
As I frequently do, I was listening to the Albert Mohler radio program (today via WTSJ's website) and heard an ad featuring Kenneth Blackwell, the Secretary of State for Ohio. Mr. Blackwell's commercial made me take a moment. The commercial was for a program Mr. Blackwell has initiated within the State of Ohio to focus attention on the undeniable truth that character is essential to a healthy society.

I was born and raised in the State of Ohio and did not leave Ohio until I joined the Army after high school. While I was in junior high school, I did have a section where we were taught some Ohio history. But I have never heard of any other state-sponsored programs even remotely similar to Mr. Blackwell's character initiative.

Kenneth Blackwell, as Ohio's Secretary of State, has established the Ohio Center for Civic Character in order to: 1) build leadership character, 2) unite leaders in a collaborative culture, and 3) equip leaders to effectively enrich their communities...together. To achieve these goals, the Ohio Secretary of State's website offers downloadable documents and materials that sponsor character development, leadership development and civic education. Go take a look.

I am truly impressed by what Mr. Blackwell has undertaken. In most cases, governments try to shape the behavior of society by enacting laws and regulations. But what Mr. Blackwell has done is to take the issue of societal behavior to the very kernel of its being -- individual character. This program shows a truly rare and wise insight into what drives behavior both on the individual and the communal levels.

I cannot overstate how much this raises Mr. Blackwell in my personal estimation. Kenneth Blackwell for President!

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