Cartoon Madness

By GotDesign
I was pleasantly surprised just a moment ago when I discovered an illustration on the graphic arts community that I belong to -- -- that calls for the Islamic community to stop its riotous ways and respect freedom of speech rights in the Nordic countries where editorial cartoons have caused such an uproar. The piece is called STOP -- go take a look, leave a comment.

UPDATE: After browsing this artist's gallery, I can by no means endorse his other works -- she is obviously a Bush hater -- but she is paradoxically on the right side of the Danish Cartoon issue. I say "paradoxically" because the same toleration he exhibits in his piece STOP is missing everywhere else in his political pieces. Instead of expressing opposition to the President's policies or offering constructive criticism, Fealasy resorts to the basest of emotions and attacks the person of President Bush instead of administration policies. Instead of acting responsibly, like she exhorts Muslims to do, she echoes their behavior. Do as I say, not as I do.

UPDATE 2: I need to issue an appology. I overlooked the fact that Fealasy is a women, not a man. I have corrected my above comments accordingly. I am sorry for my oversight.

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