Greeting Cards

By GotDesign
I was out with my wife yesterday looking for some goodies for a baby shower she will attend next weekend. After we had selected the gifts we moved on to the greeting card section to look for an appropriate card. While I was standing out of my wife's way (like a good, dutiful husband), 2 cards caught my eye. The first had a picture of President Bush on the cover and the message was that you could have a great birthday because George Bush cannot run for President again. The second had a picture of Senator Hillary Clinton and had a fake autograph on the cover with a message that such an autographed photo would make you popular and prestigious. There were no other cards to appeal to a conservative/Republican audience.

While I could probably rant about the liberal appeal of seemingly innocuous greetings cards, I won't. You know what I would say. My problem is that I think the society is becoming too fractious. Too political. Greeting cards! Political greeting cards! Can't we get a break from the political messages we seem to be getting everywhere? I am the first person who would enjoy a good political discussion or debate, but it's getting so that you cannot escape political biases anywhere.

What do you think?

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