Uncommon Valor

By GotDesign
One of the relatively few things that strike me to the very core of my heart is heroism. The reason I value heroism so highly is because heroism is rooted in love. A person loves their family or friends, and so will give up their life in place of their friends'. Generally, heroism is an "uncommon valor," as Admiral Chester Nimitz once said. And it is in the armed forces where, to continue Nimitz's quote, uncommon valor is a common virtue.

The reason I bring this up is because of the recent award of the Medal of Honor to SFC Paul Ray Smith. Please read the linked article at Opinion Journal.com for the details of SFC Smith's actions. SFC Smith is among the many reasons why I am proud to have served my country in the U.S. Army.

The soldier, above all other men, is required to perform the highest act of religious teaching—sacrifice. In battle and in the face of danger and death he discloses those divine attributes which his Maker gave when He created man in his own image. No physical courage and no brute instincts can take the place of the divine annunciation and spiritual uplift which will alone sustain him.

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