Catching Up

By GotDesign
A lot has happenned since I last blogged. So it's time I got caught up.

The Episcopal Church USA, in its annual convention, has elected a female bishop to head the church. While I am very positive about the contributions women can make within the church, I agree with the Apostle Paul in saying that women should not be in leadership positions within the church -- this is a role God has reserved for men. To give a case in point as to potentially one reason why God has reserved leadership for men is the first pronouncement of Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori. Almost immediately after being elected, the Right Reverend Bishop Schori issued a statement saying that homosexuality is not a sin -- in complete opposition to scripture (for a discussion of this proclamation, see Albert Mohler). Now, Ms. Schori has also given a sermon about "our mother Jesus." I don't know whether Ms. Schori is confused about the sex of our Lord and Savior or is trying to luad the feminine side of God. Either way, she is preaching heresy. And this heresy (in addition to many others in recent years) are leading the ECUSA to the brink of schism. In my opinion, those members of the ECUSA who believe in the inerrancy and non-relativistic nature of the Bible should require the heretics and liberals to leave the ECUSA and form their own church or, failing this, break off and form their own new church. Please pray for the Episcopal Church -- it really needs your prayers.

North Korea -- what can I say. N. Korea is going to do whatever it wants and completely disregard the rest of the world (just like Iran). N. Korea will soon test launch a long range missile with the capability (supposedly) to reach the West coast of the U.S. Surprisingly, two former Clinton Administration officials have now come out urging a preemptive strike. I have to wonder if these officials were among the crowd decrying American preemptive intervention in Iraq under the Bush Administration? I'll have to do some digging. But I am of two minds on this issue. At first, I would agree that we need to strike the missile launch site and destroy the missile before it can be launched. But this would only deny N. Korea the performance data to be gathered from such a launch and increase the diplomatic tension in the region. The communist regime would still have its research and production facilities and would only forestall the inevitable test launch. Striking first will only increase N. Korea's obstinacy. But I must stand on principle and state that we must oppose them however we can on this matter. Going further, I would say we need to find some way to overturn the communist government of N. Korea and support the establishment of a democracy in its place. Although I'm not ready to recommend doing so by force.

That's my two cents on these issues. Let me know what you think.

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