End of an Era

By GotDesign
Yesterday, my wife, parents and I attended the worship service and farewell sermon of Bob Russell at Southeast Christian Church. Bob has been the senior minister at Southeast for 40 years. When he first starting preaching at Southeast in 1966, the church was averaging in the mid-100s in attendance. Currently, weekend attendance at Southeast runs around 18,500 in three weekend services. Bob's final sermon drew over 23,000!

No one can deny the massive impact Bob Russell has had for the Lord in his 40 years of service. By Bob's own recollection, he has seen the baptism of around 35,000 people in his tenure at Southeast. It is my hope that Southeast's ministry in Louisville, KY and around the world will continue to grow and spread the Word of God.

For my own experience at Southeast over the last 7 years I can say that, before Southeast, I did not know what worship truly was. I grew up in a church that varied in size from around 150 to over 800. And I was a bit dazzled when I first visited Southeast. But since that time, I have felt more at home at Southeast than anywhere else.

So I will add my voice to those who extoll the virtues of Bob Russell -- preacher, teacher, storyteller, man of God. But I will say that what has been done at Southeast over the last 40 years was not done by Bob, but by God working through him.

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