Ding Dong

By GotDesign
"...the witch is dead. Which witch?"

Zarqawi, of course. Silly rabbit. Precision bombing is not for kids. It's for terrorists.

Switching topics to euthanasia (how's that for transitions?). According to Great Britain's The Guardian newspaper (article link), one of UK's leading medical ethics voiced a call for doctors to be able to end life without patient consent. Here's an excerpt:
Len Doyal, emeritus professor of medical ethics at Queen Mary, University of London, takes the euthanasia debate into new and highly contentious territory. He says doctors should recognise that they are already killing patients when they remove feeding tubes from those whose lives are judged to be no longer worth living. Some will suffer a "slow and distressing death" as a result.

It would be better if their lives were ended without this unnecessary delay, Professor Doyal writes in an article in Clinical Ethics, published by the Royal Society of Medicine. He calls for the law and professional guidance to be changed.
And people look at Christians and conservatives funny when we talk about a "Culture of Death." This shouldn't even be a point of contention. Erring on the side of sustaining life should be the unquestioned norm. Instead, Europe is moving toward disposing of problematic patients -- permanently! And they're asking to be able to do so without giving patients and choice in the matter. Can I get a Sieg Heil? Pray for Europe. Pray for both their leaders and their citizens. There are many in the USA who look to Europe for their ideas and trends. We cannot let such evil thought processes get a hold here.


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