The Future of Christian Adoption

By GotDesign
No, this won't be a post about deep Christian theology -- our adoption by God as sons and daughters through Christ Jesus. That is already guaranteed to us, according to the Bible, through Jesus' blood. What I'm posting about now is the legal future of Christians to establish adoption agencies that function in accordance with Christian beliefs and morals. has posted an article by Maggie Gallagher about a recent court ruling in Massachusetts. The article is about how a Catholic adoption agency is being forced to grant adoptions to same sex couples against their own Christian-based policies. Instead the adoption agency has chosen to quit the adoption business.

This article goes to the heart of two interests in my life -- my own future adoptive child and my devout Christian faith. As I see it, we as Christians need to begin standing up for our faith and not allow it to be trampled on. The courts of State of Massachusetts did not need to force same sex couples on to those who have a moral reservation against them. There are other adoption agencies in Massachusetts that are not Christian organizations who will grant adoptions. If there were none in the Boston area, one could have easily been established. But instead the courts have chosen to force Christian-based adoption organizations to act against their convictions or go out of business.

There are a number of things that we Christians can do. First, elect judges who will stick to the interpretation of the law and not try to legislate from the bench. Next, Christian lawyers could take cases defending these organizations on a pro bono basis. Also, we could donate money to help these organizations with taking challenges to the United States Supreme Court, since this case is an obvious infringement on the U.S. Constitution's "Establishment" clause.

Jesus said, "blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." But Jesus did not mean a meekness where we sit around and let others step all over us and the truth of the Bible.

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