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While I was driving around and listening to the Laura Ingraham Show, Laura mentioned an article by syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer where he talked about the change in the moral environment where people claim that a nation reacting to a violent and indiscriminant attack on its people and territory must only respond proportionately to that attack.

Once again Krauthammer shows how clearly he thinks. A must read article. You go, Chuck!

I'll add one comment to Krauthammer's piece. You can go all the way back to Sun-Tzu and throughout history before and since (including Vegetius, de Saxe, von Clausewitz, Du Picq, Jomini, Frederick the Great, ...you get the point) -- the history of military philosophy is clear that one responds to attacks only with overwhelming force. To do anything less is to invite continued attacks and a prolonged conflict. By responding with a "proportionate" amount of force you are not doing anything to settle or resolve the conflict, in fact you are prolonging it and doing a disservice to your nation. Adapt, overcome and destroy! Then, if any opponents remain, settle the matter with diplomacy.

The only remaining problem is to figure out how Israel's opponents can be negotiated with when to do so is to turn their backs on a guaranty of life everlasting in Heaven.

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