Bing Crosby on Acid

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It started snowing yesterday. Now, you should know that I'm a huge fan of snow. I have fond memories of the winters of my youth. Today's snows are paltry by comparison. So when it started snowing yesterday, I started singing the Crosby classic, "Let it Snow."

At the time I was at my church -- Southeast Christian Church. Then, at about 6 pm, I received a call telling me that the Bible Study I had planned to attend had been cancelled. As I had been at the church since about 10 am, the news just meant I could leave at 6 pm instead of at 8:30 pm. So, after brushing a little snow off the headlights, I hopped in my car.

On the highway I expected it to be a slow and steady trip home. Normally, this trip would take me about 20 minutes or so (depending on traffic). But it was neither slow nor steady. It was a crawl. At one point I did not move -- not an inch -- for 45 minutes. I left the church at 6:20 pm and arrived home at 10 pm. That's right -- it took me 3-1/2 hours to get home!

Up until about 9 pm, I was taking it all in stride. I was still in the joy of snow. "Oh, the weather outside is freightful...(humming along)." I even thought that I would get outside my car and throw snowballs at the traffic on the opposite side of the highway (just in fun, not in spite of the fact that they were moving almost unobstructed). I was even imagining, if I was getting so much joy from the snow, how much joy was God getting from it. By 9 pm, my rosy disposition was in the trash can covered in coffee grounds.

At almost exactly 10 pm, I pulled my VW Jetta into my garage (if you don't have a garage, I highly recommend them). I walked inside, shucked off my coat, and wrapped my arms around my loving wife. I then had to kill 12 suitors, shoot an arrow through the loop of 10 axe heads, and lift the living tree from which I had carved my bed. (If you still don't get the references, please read The Odyssey.) Let's just say that I was glad to be home.

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