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I decided to walk around the campus of the University of Louisville yesterday. This is the pedestal of, you guessed it, the famous "The Thinker" statue. Not the original, obviously. It sits in front of a set of stairs leading into a building. Due to the recent snows, the university had Caution tape strung up preventing access to the stairs.

I took this shot for a couple reasons; 1) the fabulously rich colors, and 2) the unintended message -- The Thinker...Caution. In my opinion, the universities have become a place where diversity of thought is discouraged. Universities have become enclaves of liberal ideology. No longer are students taught how to think and reason, merely how to parrot what they are told by professors. As someone who considers himself somewhat of an intellectual, this trend bothers me. While I am philosophically conservative, I encourage people to seek a reason behind what they believe, not just spout whatever is currently en vogue.

Anyway, that's my opinion. What's yours?

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  1. "The Thinker" 1:51 AM
    I completely agree that universities have become liberal enclaves. I am a conservative Republican and in my experience in college I often felt as if I was outnumbered by the others in my class. The worst thing was having to tailor my papers to fit my professor's liberal viewpoint. Having to do this does not promote the diversity of thought that you mentioned. Something must be done to counter this situation in university.

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