Back 'n' Scrubbing

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Well, we're back from Texas. This time we made it back without any incidents. But my wife picked up a bug... some might call it an illness. She's cleaning!

Before we left for Texas, my wife informed me that she could not leave home with "it being in such a mess." So, we started cleaning the house. The laundry room looks much better, I must say. After returning home, the fever continued. We're now cleaning up the office and removing a good deal of clutter. But it always makes me nervous when she starts "cleaning." I have to look to my personal nicknacks. She might just throw away the ballpoint pen I brought back from Ethiopia. You know, the one I haven't used since I returned from East Africa over eight years ago.

In truth, I'm glad my wife started us down this road. It gives me the impetus to throw junk away. How much do I really need this? I should really throw that away. You know, pry open my tightly clutching fingers and let some stupid stuff go. Thanks, sweetie!

Yet another reason I absolutely love my wife. Couldn't live without her. [Insert smooching sound here]

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