Alive and Kicking in Texas

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But just barely. So here's the story...

My wife and I board the plane in Louisville for the first leg of our trip to Lubbock, TX. I had an aisle seat. Across the aisle from me was a gentleman of generous proportions (I'm trying to be respectful but still reference his size). While putting personal items in the overhead compartment, this gentleman lost his balance and fell backwards. In falling, he thought he would break his fall by throwing his arm back and bracing himself against the seat behind him. The seat I was sitting in. He consequently slammed his elbow into my eye socket. I now have a new definition of pain. My head throbbed for the remainder of the day. I was quite certain that I would be sporting a shiner for the holidays. But it would seem that the rapid application of ice to the affected area kept me shiner-less.

To his credit. the gentleman who fell on me was continually offering his appologies. He even offered to give me his name and contact information should I wish to file a claim against his medical insurance. All in all, he was a nice guy.

And, as if that wasn't enough, halfway through our flight to Dallas, my wife inadvertantly knocked her coffee off of her tray table and on to my leg. Happily, it was not scalding, but only mildly warm. So I arrived in Dallas with a wrung bell and stained jeans.

The remainder of our trip was, thankfully, uneventful. We arrived a little late in Lubbock and were met by my In-Laws. And well met, at that.

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