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By GotDesign
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I just learned (hat tip to about a new advertisement coming out in support of the Bush Campaign. In the aftermath of the Sept. 11th attacks, the President spent a great deal of time with survivors and victims' families. The Progress for the American Voter Fund will be running an ad on President Bush's outreach to a young girl by the name of Ashley who lost her mother in the WTC attacks. The ad is called, simply, Ashley's Story. You can also download the ad in either Quicktime or Windows Media Player format. You can also donate to this organization to help fund the ad campaign. George W. Bush is the posterchild for Compassion. Check it out!

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  1. Anonymous 9:19 PM
    ahoy - nillabean from deviantart here - you commented about your site on my gallery - I thought I'd post on this entry, as the "Ashley's Story" ad has been bothering me for a while (In the interest of full disclosure, I am a Kerry supporter - my Devart icon itself is a digital photo of Kerry, or rather his head poking out from behind an enormous fishing hat, all I could see from my groundling-section seats (stands?) at a rally in my city... < /tangent>)

    I like what you say about Character and Job Description, but I am inclined to believe that the first is mostly based on a person's own opinion. The glimpses of a President we see through the media's glasses can hardly amount to a whole person, much less the view we are afforded from behind the enormity of the Office itself. I've talked to Kerry supporters and Bush supporters in the extremes - from swearing up and down that their candidate was America's very own Jesus Christ to grimly casting a ballot in the interest of Party loyalty.

    The "Ashley's Story" ad, to me, doesn't really smack of 'Compassion'. I am furious at the Progress for the American Voter Fund for parading this girl and her dead mother around on TV.

    I don't want to say President Bush wasn't genuinely compassionate (though he seems to be, if anything, an incredable politician) but this ad seems like a complete exploitation of something rather private - a moment, in a *rope line* of all places - when The President stopped campaigning and stopped being The President.

    I guess those same sentences could argue that that makes it a window into the President's private self, but the swarming malicious machaivellian divisive *Politics* surrounding this Presidency makes it hard for me (until lately, a self-described moderate conservative) to believe that this was little more than the President putting on his Nice-Guy-Dubya hat.

    I know this is probably the least profitable place to put opinions of this kind, but I am desperate to convince *anybody*. I would be more than happy to cast a Republican vote in 2008, but I think our President has done some hard-to-repair damage to our economy (yes, I *know* both parties support job outsourcing, but tax relief has no place in a time of war) and is not acting in the interest of *America*'s national security. Though both candidates are disgustingly rich, Kerry has been campaigning on support-for-the-middle-class for long enough that the American people would hold him to his words. When Bush says that Kerry is on the far left bank of America's mainstream, it's only because Bush has dragged the whole country to the right, and at least half unwillingly.
    send me an email - intelligent Republicans keep me moderate, lately.
  2. GotDesign 8:32 AM
    I greatly appreciate your willingness to engage in dialog. Not many Kerry supporters would do so.

    As for Ashley's Story, remember that this all happened long before the campaign season. Also, it is well known that the President privately met with a large number of 9/11 survivors and victims' family members. This is not a manufactured moment. As for the President's compassion, I have heard from many people who have met the President personally. I have also received many messages about others who have met with the President. All of these messages have spoken of the President's congenial nature and his genuine personal appeal.

    Regarding tax policy during wartime, the tax cuts were first passed in the Spring of 2001 -- before 9/11. As I tell my wife, 1) Bush's deficit is much smaller (as a % of GDP) than Reagan's deficit in the 1980s. 2) It is a regular business practice to take on debt when a recession is ending and the economy is beginning to grow. This is because you can finance debt at a much lower rate than when the economy is booming, mature or declining. It is wise fiscal policy. It is even more important to allow for deficit spending in times of emergency. Currently the ecomony has been growing by an average of about 4% for the past 12-14 months. Recently, growth numbers have flagged a little, but this is expected while the economy is waiting for the elections to resolve. After the election, if Bush wins, I expect the economy to take off and grow even more. If Kerry wins, I expect that the economy will grow, but at a more cautious rate. With a quickly growing economy, deficits are covered quickly as increases in income generate greater tax reveneues for the government. In fact, this is how Reagan paid off the deficit within his own presidency.

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate your willingness to engage in dialog on such important issues.

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