Why Bush?

By GotDesign
I cannot think of anyone since Ronald Reagan who has been as genuine and forthright to the American people as has George W. Bush. In fact, except for Bush's mediocre speaking abilities, I would put President Bush right up there with Reagan. Besides, a president is not selected for his speaking abilities (although that does add something) -- that's why there is a Press Secretary or Director of Communications. But let's spend a little time detailing why I like George W. Bush.

First, he has firmly grasped the reins and taken a manifestly proactive approach to foreign policy. Being somewhat a foreign policy wonk, I have always felt that the U.S. lacked a positive role in international relations. After the end of the Cold War (after George H. W. Bush), there was the opportunity to establish a positive foreign policy paradigm as Truman and Eisenhower did after WW II. For 50 years after WW II, The United States' foreign policy was based on opposition to the spread of Communism. Now, America needs another paradigm on which to base our foreign policy -- opposition to the spread of radical, Islamic terrorism. I also like that President Bush has coupled the anti-terror policy with the promotion of democratic ideals. I have always felt that the U.S. needed to be exporting democracy wherever it was wanted. So I am fully behind W in foreign policy.

I also am a great proponent of the President's "Ownership Society." I think there is a disctinct benefit to having a president who has an MBA. An MBA degree brings a great deal of knowledge about how business works. And this is vital because business (especially small business) is the engine of the American economy.

As a Christian, I am greatly encouraged that we now have a President who unafraid of making his faith a very visible part of who he is -- both as a person and as a president. President Bush doesn't make his faith into a political tool, as his challenger does, but makes his faith central to everything he does. It is vitally important that my President identifies with who I am spiritually. And because he shares my faith, I have no fears that he will become engaged in scandal or try to impose his beliefs on anyone by force.

Also, President Bush has not been dreaming and scheming for over 40 years to be just like JFK (insert starry-eyed, dreamy gaze here). He has not manufactured a fantasy life (to get attention?). And when he has screwed the pooch, he has admitted it (DUI, drugs). No Cambodian pooches here.

Looking forward to another four years of President George W. Bush.

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  1. Anonymous 5:32 PM
    DEWD!!! I TOTALLY Agree with you about Bush! I came to see this from your DA account and I'm really happy with what I read. I am a Christian as well, so I agree with your view of him and I am praying we get another 4 years of Bush. Pray. Hard.
    If you wanna look me up on DA, my screen name is alex-sukehiro. I left a comment on your site, ^_^
    God bless you, hun!!
  2. Dean 9:05 PM
    Great comments, and an absolutely BEAUTIFUL blog design.
  3. Ron Villarreal 11:14 PM
    I agree Bro. Bush FOUR MORE YEARS!!!
  4. Smacky 4:37 AM
    Positively. Your analogy of us vs communism to us vs islamic fundamentalists is spot-on. Particularly in these times, who, but us, would effectively lead any push toward democracy?

    Like you, I think the president's doctrine for stability abroad and security at home is tantamount to our continued prosperity and the spread of democracy for all who want it.

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