Call for Recipes

By GotDesign
Last night, Hugh Hewitt made the claim that Oklahoma would roll over USC. Hugh said it would not even be close. Well, he was right. But not how he prophesied. USC rolled over OU by a score of 55-19. I agreed with Hugh's pick. I also agreed with Hugh's comments about Ohio's role in producing great football players and coaches (I'm a graduate of Miami University -- home of the Cradle of Coaches). But I'm not one who normally follows football. I don't usually care for any sport -- except maybe soccer. Sure, I'll watch an occasional football or baseball game, but I couldn't tell you any stats, identify players, or rank teams.

But the purpose of this post was a "Call for Recipes." I am taking any and all recipes for CROW that I can pass along to Hugh. I imagine that Hugh will be eating a lot of crow today. I have a feeling that his e-mail box and phone lines will be filled with comments from USC fans (I'm sorry, Hugh).

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