Zarqawi Arrested

By GotDesign
The ChinaDaily website cites a report from the United Arab Emirates that Abu Musab al-Zarqawi -- the number one terrorist in Iraq and al-Qaeda's "director" in Iraq -- has been captured in Baakuba. The Emirates source quotes a Iarqi Kurdistan radio broadcast. Iraqi Kurdistan radio was also the first to report the capture of Saddam Hussein.

This is fabulous news, if it can be substantiated. It could mean the diminution of terrorstic attacks in Iraq, if not the near cessation of the attacks. The pace of attacks after the capture of Zarqawi will to some extent give an indication as to the strength of the leadership structure of terrorism in Iraq. If leadership is weak, this could be the an indication of the end of serious opposition. If attacks continue apace, then Zarqawi has developed a cadre of leadership to pick up the banner of anti-Americanism. Keep your eyes and ears open.

Watch this space for more.

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A link to an ITAR-TASS (Russia) news report

Drudge is citing White House sources calling the arrest reports "dubious"

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