Schiavo Part 2

By GotDesign
I received an article from a friend of mine (Thanks, Chip) about a Schiavo-like case in the UK. A British Court has ruled that doctors can refuse to intubate or start ventillation if a seriously ill infant stops breathing. This is being done gainst the wishes of the parents, who want to preserve life at all costs. The 18-month old infant, Charlotte Wyatt, was born barely able to see of hear and weighed just one pound. Young Charlotte has also stopped breathing three times over the past 18 months, but has been resusitated each time. Doctors claim that to continue Charlotte's care is only to prolong her pain.

This is becoming an alarmingly more frequent problem. According to the article, similar cases are popping up more frequently:
Terminally ill baby Luke Winston-Jones died last November after the High Court ruled that his doctors could withhold lifesaving treatment, against the wishes of his parents, if his condition deteriorated.
This, along with the alarming Groningen Protocol in the Netherlands, is furthering the agenda of those who feel that life is, or can be, an inconvenience. These people see cases like Charlotte Wyatt, Luke Winston-Jones, Terri Schiavo as a matter of their continued life being an inconvenience to the system. With the exception of the Schiavo case, all these others have proceeded against the wishes of the infants' parents. Soon, doctors will be empowered to make decisions not to treat patients if the case merely seems difficult.

Stand up, people! Life must not be casually thrown away! It's too valuable.


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