Semper Fi

By GotDesign
Yesterday afternoon I received word that my Uncle Charlie had passed away. This was not unexpected as Charlie had been deteriorating for almost two months. He entered the hospital two months ago and the family was told Charlie wouldn't survive the weekend. That was 2 months ago. Charlie was released from the hospital and sent home. Just two weeks ago, Charlie was moved into hospice care and has been losing ground ever since.

Yesterday morning, the family received the call beckoning them to the hospice facilities as Charlie was slipping away. The family arrived just in time. A minister came to visit Charlie and was asked to lead the family in prayer for Charlie. During the prayer, Charlie went to be with the Lord. When the family completed their prayers they turned to notice a red bird come and land on Charlie's window sill. There was peace.

"Semper Fi" is a shortened form of the Latin phrase used by the U.S. Marine Corps -- Semper Fidelis -- or "Always Faithful." Charlie served in the Marine Corps during World War II and participated in numerous campaigns in the Pacific Theater. Though he never talked about his war experiences, Charlie was the quintessential Marine -- tough, rough and ready. He also exemplified the Corps' motto -- Always Faithful. Charlie was married to his wife, Margene, for nearly 60 years. I can't remember a time when I didn't see Charlie and Margene together. He was always faithful.

Charlie was one of my most favorite relatives. I loved it when Charlie would hold a fish fry. He made the best fish I've ever had. I will miss Charlie.

Simper Fi, Charlie! Semper Fi!

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