What Now?

By GotDesign
As I was browsing Drudge this morning, I came upon this piece from the New York Times. The director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Vice Admiral Lowell Jacoby, has stated that his agency believes that North Korea is now capable of mounting nuclear warheads on their missiles. This makes N. Korea capable of attacking U.S. territory with nuclear weapons. The DIA head did not, however, say that N. Korea has actually armed their missiles with nuclear weapons. But that is not a major leap -- it can be done within a few hours. What can we do?

Diplomacy with Kim Jong Ill has been a joke. Whether unilateral or multilateral, talks have basically achieved nothing except to give N. Korea more time to get their work completed.

We could mount a covert operation to infiltrate N. Korea and destroy these weapons. Oh, no wait, the Church Commission and congressional Democrats have decimated American intelligence capabilities. We couldn't sneak into a movie theater.

We could mobilize the world community and the U.N. against N. Korea. Well, maybe not. Since when has the "world community" or the United Nations been capable of acting in the best interests of anyone other than themselves? Let's see...Rwanda? Nope. Sudan? No. Iraq? Definitely not. Kofi Anan? Yeah, definitely -- after all, he's a home boy. Well, if these organizations are not at all interested in fulfilling their charters, who then can handle anything of this nature?

The United States? Of course the U.S. can. Not an issue. But Americans are so insular and unconcerned about anything outside the American continent, could we raise the popular support necessary to take on another corrupt despot who is crapping on his own people for his own personal benefit?

I love the United States of America. I would not hesitate to volunteer for an attack on North Korean nuclear targets. I would, with great sorrow, leave behind my wife to fight for the safety and freedom of the Korean people. But I am getting sick of the "me, me, me" attitude of the Leftists/Democrats and the MSM. Had today's MSM been present, World War II would never have happened and most of Western Europe would be speaking German and there would be curiously few European Jews.

America rose to greatness because it was unafraid of standing for cherished principles. Where are we now? What do we believe? What do we hold dear? What now?


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